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Books – Review of A Perfect Plan & Cause of Death by Jeffery Deaver – 2021 – Fascinating Read

by AniM
a perfect plan book cover
A Perfect Plan Book Cover

Book Review – A Perfect Plan by Jeffery Deaver

My Rating 4 out of 5

Plot Summary (Storyline) – A Perfect Plan

Jeffery Deaver’s most famous series stars Lincoln Rhyme, an ex-NYPD Detective, quadriplegic due to an accident at work, a forensic scientist with an encyclopedic knowledge of the science that goes behind analyzing a crime scene and by default, criminals. He also has one of the most advanced privately-owned forensic labs, which can be used to do everything that is required to solve a crime. Since his accident, Rhyme now works as a criminologist and consultant to the FBI, out of his townhouse in the West Precinct of New York. He lives with his one-time protégé, and now wife Amelia Sachs, who herself is a fiery member of the NYPD.

From an intercepted conversation between a person of interest in Great Britain and another one this side of the Atlantic, the NSA and then the FBI come to know that a ‘Hit’ has been ordered on Lincoln Rhyme. Where, when, how nothing further is known as the people concerned figured out that their conversation has been overheard and the authorities know of their plan, though not the exact details. Rhyme’s friends from the Bureau, along with the NYPD, set about putting up an impregnable barrier around Rhyme. Since his mobility is limited and predictable, the risk is enhanced.

Audiobook Sample of A Perfect Plan by Jeffery Deaver

But, then the unthinkable happens! The attacke materializes, in a way that none of them could have foretold and through multiple ways. Surrounded by his coterie of well-wishers, looking for ways and means that an attacker can get through, Rhyme was waiting – wondering who among the many that he’s put away, wants him dead so badly. At the end, the book reveals that but there is more to come. One imagines that the next instalment of the Rhyme series will throw more light on it. Till then, whet your apetite with ‘A Perfect Plan’!

a perfect plan alternate book cover
A Perfect Plan Author Jeffery Deaver’s interview

Book Review – Cause of Death by Jeffery Deaver – Short Story

My Rating – 3.5 out of 5

Plot Summary – Cause of Death

The next one in this review is another short novella – ‘Cause of Death’. A history professor, Jon Talbot is trying to come to terms with his wife, Pax’s accidental death. While returning home from her work with a Social Service Organization, late at night, Pax hits a deer on a lonely mountain road, and careens of the edge and dies when her neck breaks on impact. The Police inspect the scene and rule accidental death. But something’s not sitting right with Jon, ceratin things about the accident just does not make sense to him. Triggered off by the fact that at Pax’s funeral, he spots a man watching him and the function, from a distance.

Jon goes to the accident site and looks around. He even goes to the scrapyard to inspect Pax’s totaled car. What he finds there confirms his suspicions that something deliberate happened to cause the accident. The police, after having seen what Jon has unearthed, come around to accepting his view that this was probably no accident. As Jon digs around further into what Pax was doing before her untimely death, a murky narrative of deception and crime come forth.

a perfect plan additional cover cause of death short story
Cause of Death Book Cover

Conclusion of Book Reviews of A Perfect Plan and Cause of Death

Two novellas, two completely different stories with varied outcomes. While Cause of Death stands on its own, A Perfect Plan is a precursor to the Lincoln Rhyme novel later this month and as a fan, I can hardly wait. Both are one sitting reads, so perfect for the weekend!

a perfect plan author jeffery deaver
A Perfect Plan Author Jeffery Deaver

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