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Books – Review of Cajun Justice by James Patterson & Tucker Axum – Dull, Mediocre Thriller – 2020

by AniM
cajun justice book cover
Cajun Justice – Book Cover

Book Review of Cajun Justice – James Patterson & Tucker Axum – Dull & Mediocre Read

My Rating – 3 out of 5

Plot Summary – Cajun Justice

“Mountains exist for you to climb”, the monk said slowly in English, “not for you to carry.”

The Monk to Cain Lemaire in Cajun Justice

According to my opinion, this was the biggest disappointment of 2020 from the James Patterson novel mill! It feels a lot like somebody reciting a broad storyline over the phone and somebody with the least interest in the final product just fleshes out the broad outline. But realistically speaking, it’s extremely difficult, nigh impossible to churn out the number of books JP does every year, based upon only one person’s ideas. So one or two are expected to fall through the cracks!

Anyway, getting back to the story…. Cain Lemaire is a Secret Service agent and is on overseas duty as part of the President’s advance brigade, checking and readying everything for the impending Presidential visit. The night before, a known promiscuous colleague transgresses again and it blows up spectacularly, threatening to turn into a media and diplomatic slugfest! Cain, the loyal friend that he is, takes up the slack and ends up losing his cherished job. He was terribly involved with his job and feels lost without it.

Cajun Justice Author James Patterson interview

While he was moping around, his twin sister, who works in Tokyo tries in vain to cheer him up. So finally she sets up a job for Cain as Security Head for a rich and powerful CEO in Tokyo, and after minor deliberations, Cain heads over to Tokyo. There, he sets up the CEO’s security detail with the same precision and preparation as in the Secret Service, taking the help of two loyal employees.

But the best laid plans go awry when the proctectee decides to break protocol and an unhappy Cain has to go along. But this is when the proverbial crap hits the fan and the story hurtles into territory which is more than a little fraught with disturbing scenarios. Logic defying Car chases, unexpected twists and turns, conspiracies and suspense theories abound. The true nature of people around comes to the fore, and rarely do you get as many convoluted theories as certain people care to propagate.

The descriptions of Tokyo are quite well done, the traditional rituals of the Japanese are also well depicted. And the Japanese seem to be such perfectionist people, all the time.

cajun justice alt book cover
Cajun Justice – Alt Book Cover

Conclusion – Book Review of Cajun Justice

This talks a lot about Japanese culture, their precision, the way they behave and how different culturally they are from those in the US. The Yakuza in one of the most notorious and terrifying, The story sometimes veers into the ridiculous and readers are left confused. Many events are so contrived that even the Fast and Furious series of films might look like a brilliant work of art.

I read all James Patterson books that are released every year and some, as per the law of averages, might turn out to be trash. This is the one for 2020. Anyway, the reason I’ve marked it 3 is because of the pacy narrative where events just tumble out into each other. Otherwise, this is quite weak as a book and if you miss reading this you wouldn’t be missing much.

*Hope you’ve liked reading this review, for more reviews, do watch this space!*

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