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Hot off the Press Book Review – Camino Winds by John Grisham

by AniM
Camino Winds - John Grisham

Book Review – Camino Winds by John Grisham

My Rating – 3.7 out of 5

John Grisham has been and probably will be one of the greatest writers of Legal thrillers, the Robin Cook of Legal thrillers. But with Camino Island, he drifted away from that stereotype and waded into the world of general thrillers. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t even close to his best work.
Now, he comes up with the 2nd installment in the series – ‘Camino Winds’, which unfortunately doesn’t land too far from the 1st!
Bruce Cable and Bay Books feature in this also along with his wife Noelle and the writer cabal from the 1st book. Though Mercer Mann features in this also, it is a much smaller role than in the 1st installment.
Hurricane Leo and its subsequent destruction in Camino Island occupy a large part of the first half of the book and is well written. Though the murder that happens and the subsequent police/state investigation is ridiculously sloppy and half-hearted. As would be expected from such an effort, it comes to naught and the protagonists launch their own investigation.
Without giving out any spoilers, the last 20% of the book picks up speed quickly and makes you wonder that did the writer change in between?
It hurtles quickly towards the finale, and as some Legal scenarios crop up, Mr. Grisham finds his mojo. As it all conveniently wraps up, I started to wonder if Mr. Grisham wrote the first part with the same fervor, this may have been another blockbuster!
But, to sum it up, a good read, doesn’t bore you by being sluggish and entertains well.

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