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Books – Review of Black Ice by Brad Thor – 2021 – Gorgeous Sequel

by AniM
black ice
Black Ice by Brad Thor Book Cover

Book Review – Black Ice by Brad Thor – Gorgeous Sequel

My Rating – 4 out of 5

Plot Summary – Black Ice

The Scot Harvath series is very much like the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn (a legacy carried forward very well by Kyle Mills since Vince’s death). Mitch Rapp is the unfettered assassin unleashed by the CIA on America’s enemies and so is Scot Harvath – not for the CIA but a private contractor on its payrolls. Even their private lives have many parallels – their wives were killed in front of them and as a second coming, they’ve found love with somebody else. Since this is the first Brad Thor novel I’ve read, I couldn’t help but notice the uncanny similarities between the two protagonists and their life stories. Both are equally exciting characters, I would like to add!

The novel starts with Scot Harvath riding in a helicopter somewhere near the Arctic circle, with the chopper being buffeted by icy crosswinds and about to crash! Then the scene immediately cuts to seventy-two hours prior, in Oslo, Norway. Scot is on a well-earned vacation from his organization The Carlton Group, dividing time between his villa and urban apartment in Norway. The newfound love of his life Sølvi, is herself working for the Intelligence Services of Norway, so she knows the demands of Scot’s profession and the burdens of an intimate relationship with a man whose life is full of such secrets. Scot is an Ex-Navy Seal, ex-Secret Service, and ex-CIA.

Black Ice Book Launch

His normalcy lies in protecting national secrets at all costs along with dangerous missions around the globe neutralizing real bad guys. But on this late summer morning in Oslo, Scot’s life of domestic bliss is shattered by an impossible vision. Alighting from a cab in front of him is a Ghost! A Chinese evil guy, who Scot has killed and stayed back to confirm his death, is walking in front of him!! Unable to control his urges, Scot follows the man through a few blocks but then loses sight of his quarry.

Upon his return to his apartment, with the help of Sølvi, he finds the true identity of the man but also discovers the intent of his being in Oslo. China and Russia are teaming up to explore the hitherto unexplored natural riches of the Arctic region – the fuel, minerals, and an unobstructed sea route from Europe to China. The two greatest bad actors of global political intrigue have come together to claim ascendancy over the US, and claim Superpower status. Han, the Chinese guy Scot recognized is part of a master plan about to be set off from Norway.

Black Ice Book Blurb
Black Ice Book Blurb

In the vein of Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn, there is international espionage of the highest order with Nations seeking Global dominance at a severe cost to mankind. With Russia deploying nuclear-powered submarines in the Arctic waters and China wooing the European Arctic belt countries with their investments and infrastructure, the US is slowly getting sidelined in the race to control the Arctic riches. But not till Scot is breathing! He assembles his elite team and he will not stop till the evil designs of Han and his Soviet counterpart are foiled, forever. The non-stop action begins once the novel goes past the halfway mark.

black ice teaser image
Black Ice Teaser Image

Conclusion – Book Review of Black Ice

The action is pulse-pounding, the political drama intriguing and all so real. The threat to mankind’s existence does not come from aliens or predatory animals, but from mankind itself. In a chilling reminder of the damage that we are doing to nature and our own existence, Brad Thor outlines the bleak future we are headed towards, provided we continue the way we are. Countries fighting each other over natural resources and overall power-mongering.

Once you pick this one up, you can’t put it down, even though at times it does tend to get a bit descriptive, you would want to finish it in one go! Highly recommended thriller, people! Go ahead and read it as soon as you can!!

black ice author Brad Thor
Black Ice Author Brad Thor

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