enemy at the gates book cover

Books – Review of Enemy at the Gates by Kyle Mills – 2021 – Kickass Sequel

enemy at the gates book cover
Enemy at the Gates Book Cover

Book Review – Enemy at the Gates by Kyle Mills – Absorbing Sequel

My Rating – 4 out of 5

Plot Summary – Enemy at the Gates

For all fans of Mitch Rapp and Vince Flynn, the untimely demise of Vince hasn’t left a hole as big as was initially thought, only because Kyle Mills has picked up the baton so well that you almost don’t miss Vince so much! If Mitch Rapp were to be real, most of the World’s – and by default America’s – terrorism-related problems would have gone away. He’s not your souped-up John Rambo, but he’s close. He’s CIA’s black ops specialist, capable of single-handedly eliminating the bad actors of the Islamic world, with or without Government sanction and help. Enemy at the Gates is the latest instalment in that series of great achievements.

The theatre shifts to Uganda this time, to the God-like cult of Gideon Auma, who is out to kidnap and ransom David Chism, a scientist and virologist out to eliminate the most destructive viruses plaguing mankind. The research facility is owned by Nicholas Ward, a trillionaire who’s also given to using his wealth and power for the benefit of humanity. David Chism and two of his associates escape Auma’s attack on their facility and escape into the verdant forests surrounding them, with Auma’s men in hot pursuit. Ward approaches the US President and Irene Kennedy – a friend – for help in extracting his scientists before they are captured or killed.

Kyle Mills talks about Enemy at the Gates

Meanwhile, the political landscape in the US has changed drastically – President Josh Alexander has given way to President Anthony Cook and his smart First Lady Catherine Cook. Irene Kennedy’s influence in the White House is diminishing and Rapp is almost close to deciding about his retirement, spending more time at his South African villa with his partner Claudia and daughter Anna. Irene persuades Rapp, at the behest of Ward, to find David Chism and put paid to the devilish plans of Gideon Auma. A reluctant Rapp, cannot refuse Kennedy and goes to Uganda to do the needful. With him, he has Scott Coleman and his team of ‘operators’ – picked from Seals, Marines and Delta Force members.

This time, backed by Nicholas Ward’s limitless chequebook and no support from the US Government’s official machinery. Added to all the obstacles, is the fact that there seems to be a mole in the CIA, who is leaking plans of the operation to the enemy, and even the tech genius of Marcus Drummond can’t figure out who that is. Rapp, at a crossroads with his stellar CIA career, cannot figure out if this is the life that he should choose or walk away into the sunset with his lovely family in tow. The political situation in Washington is also changing fast, with the new President trying to take a new path towards America’s world domination.

enemy at the gates alt book cover
Enemy at the Gates Alternate Book Cover

Conclusion – Book Review of Enemy at the Gates

The pace is typically blistering, and with Rapp almost thinking like a senior statesman, the dilemma is palpable. Does he retire or does he continue to fight America’s worst enemies in the best way that he knows? This instalment leaves open the possibility of Irene Kennedy’s waning influence on America’s political landscape, thus paving the way for Rapp to become a free agent but a fierce patriot. I am yet to come across a better baton-carrying exercise than this, with Vince Flynn’s untimely passing away in 2013, Kyle Mills has picked it up with nary a turbulence. for fans who’ve followed from the first book onwards, there’s been no noticeable change in the vibrancy or tone of the series.

If you haven’t read any Mitch Rapp before, this is as good a place to start as any and if have then don’t hesitate, this series keeps going with the same momentum as any other, it just keeps up with our times too… A great read, fans or not!

kyle mills - enemy at the gates
Enemy at the Gates Author Kyle Mills

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