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Books – Review of Private Rogue by James Patterson and Adam Hamdy – 2021 – Delightful Sequel

by AniM
private rogue cover
Private Rogue Book Cover

Book Review – Private Rogue – James Patterson and Adam Hamdy – Interesting Read

My Rating – 4 out of 5

Plot Summary – Private Rogue

The Private series moves into the 16th edition of the series and what a pulse-pounding addition to the series this is! Before Private Moscow, the series was kind of meandering and this is probably the only co-authored series from James Patterson where there have been so many authors who have partnered with James Patterson in writing about the same set of characters, in general. So it is kind of safe to assume that the credit largely goes to Adam Hamdy to have reinvigorated the series. Jack Morgan, the Head of Private – an organization of private investigators for whom there is no bar, is a very captivating character, as is his core team at Private.

It starts in the much-maligned badlands of Afghanistan – a country at war with some enemy or the other over the last 100 years or more – is again host to another Bin Laden type of operation. Dark of the night, two Osprey helicopters carrying a team of Green Berets to attack a compound filled with hostiles. But nothing goes as planned as the team deploys, and only the pilot of one Osprey survives and escapes – not knowing if any of his comrades have survived or not. His only chance of escape is to reach the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and hope for rescue by the authorities there.

Private Rogue Series Novel

In another string of the story, Beth Singer is escorting her two children, Marie and Danny, home from school. But on the way, they are ambushed by cleverly disguised people. But Beth is smart, she outfoxes the two pretender cops and runs away to her scheduled shelter in the woods, only to realize that even that is compromised and she has to run again. Till now, Beth has no idea why these men are behind her and the children, but she has no intention to stop and ask. As the three fugitives vanish into the forest seeking safe refuge, Beth’s father engages Private New York, specifically Jack Morgan to find his daughter and grandchildren.

After some reluctance, Jack takes up the job, if only to console a distraught father. Soon, Jack realizes that everything is not as they seem. Neither are people who they claim to be nor their motives clear. Jack soon realizes that he will have to travel to Afghanistan, like it or not, and along with finding the missing piece of the puzzle there, he will also have to battle his own nightmares of the place, when Jack was a pilot with the Marines. Now Jack has to find the distraught family and keep them safe from those pursuing them. And thus begins another adventure of the Private family.

private rogue teaser
Private Rogue Teaser

Conclusion – Book Review of Private Rogue

Spanning across the globe from upstate New York to the rugged terrains of Afghanistan, this is a novel that you CANNOT put down easily or even after two sittings! James Patterson’s incredible gift of telling a story is visible here in all its pomp! The inter-personal relationships are fleshed out adequately and enough time is spent growing the characters and their emotional nuances. The picturesque locales are very well described – at times you would feel that you are actually in Afghanistan – as are the connections with the local people.

I can happily recommend this book to all fans of this genre, just set aside a solid chunk of time before you start reading this because believe me, you will not be able to put it down once you start reading. If you have already read this book, do let me know your opinion in the comments section and if you liked what you read here, do click on the ‘LIKE’ button! Much appreciated….

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