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Books – Review of The Final Twist by Jeffery Deaver – 2021 – Handsome Read

the final twist book cover
The Final Twist Book Cover

Book Review – The Final Twist by Jeffery Deaver – Enjoyable Sequel

My Rating – 4 out of 5

Plot Summary – The Final Twist

This is the third Colter Shaw novel, in a series that started in 2019 and not including a couple of short stories published in between. Also, it has been that long since Jeffery Deaver published any of his earlier series’ novels – Lincoln Rhyme, Kathryn Dance etc. Thankfully, that is also set to change this year, once the latest Lincoln Rhyme/Amelia Sachs novel – The Midnight Lock hits the stands this November. Coming back to Colter Shaw – he is a reward seeker (on the lines of Bounty Hunters of yore) and traces missing persons for small, sometimes insignificant rewards.

There are quite a few back-links in The Final Twist, as to how Colter comes to be here – his survivalist father Ashton Shaw, a shadowy organization called BlackBridge and tenuous family relations amongst the Shaws. Though the author drops enough breadcrumbs to tell you the gist of the backstory, you would feel far better if you could read the earlier novels and absorb them yourself. Colter Shaw is backtracking his father’s steps, after having discovered Ashton’s diary and map, indicating where BlackBridge‘s secrets are buried, at a remote forest retreat of Echo Ridge. There is a small sidebar about rescuing an illegal, a young girl whose mother is offering a reward for her.

The Final Twist Launch by Jeffery Deaver

The hunt for the missing papers are being closely tracked by BlackBridge management and their hired thugs, who are sure that Colter Shaw is aware of the place where the documents are hidden and they keep tracking and try to capture him. Colter receives unexpected assistance from a long lost relative, whom they had given up for dead or lost completely. Ashton Shaw was a fatalist and survivalist, though his psychologist wife Mary Dove, kept him under control most of the time. Ashton taught his three children – Russell, Colter and Dorion, all the tricks of survival and combat and his diktats could make up a handbook for sure!

There is a sub-plot here which indicates that a murder is to be committed by the BlackBridge enforcers, and Colter only has the initials, location and time off the murder. So it’s a race against time to find the person/s with those initials and save their lives. The main plot of the missing documents, could possibly contain a page which could potentially change the way the United States is run, forever, though Colter doesn’t know it yet.

Praise for the final twist
Praise for The Final Twist

We’re diminished by things that happen to us in life, but we can find a separate happiness!

Colter Shaw in The Final Twist

Conclusion – The Final Twist Book Review

I liked the way this novel develops, like pieces of a puzzle slowly but steadily falling into place and the pace never slackens. The plot is intricate and though fictional, it certainly merits wondering that if true, how would it alter our political landscape? By now the characters of the series are well rounded and developed and the promise of more to come is an alluring one!

For fans of the mystery, suspense, and thriller genre, this is a perfect read and many more in the series to look forward to. But the event of the year, as far as Jeffery Deaver is concerned, is the later publication of one of his most famous and beloved character – Lincoln Rhyme in the above mentioned The Midnight Lock.

the final twist author
The Final Twist Author – Jeffery Deaver

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