the protector book cover

Book Review – The Protector by Scott Blade – 2021 – Fine Read

the protector book cover
The Protector Book Cover

Book Review – The Protector by Scott Blade – Another nice sequel

My Rating – 3.5 out of 5

Plot Summary (Storyline) – The Protector

This series is a Jack Reacher clone with minor differences, but nonetheless very readable. Though the writing styles of Lee Child and Scott Blade are vastly different, there are great many similarities between their two protagonists – Jack Reacher and Jack Widow! Yes, they both go by Reacher and Widow respectively!! While Reacher is ex-US Army MP, Widow is a Navy Seal, also retired. Both are drifters, thumbing rides from one US town to another, carrying no luggage, no baggage (both physical and mental) and allowing nothing to tie them down – person, place or animal. They both carry an unwavering torch for justice, which is the source of their adventures.

In The Protector, Jack Widow is trying to flag down a ride in the evening, on the interstate near Flagstaff, Arizona. Nobody stops for a hitchhiker – a disheveled hulk of a man, 6’4″ tall, weighing 250 pounds and wearing nondescript clothes. One car which doesn’t stop, drives erratically towrads Widow and then jumps a ditch, hits a tree and comes to a standstill! Widow runs after the car and drags the injured driver out of the car and then calls 911. By the time help arrives, Widow has discovered that the driver is Patton Fry, a retired US Marshal who has suffered a heart attack.

Before passing out, Fry tells Widow that Kara and her son need protection and that she works in a diner. Since Fry was headed towards the only town in the vicinity, Ash Fork, Widow also heads there as Fry is taken to emergency care at the hospital. At the only Diner in town, Widow finds Kara but before he can get around to telling her that she’s in danger from whatever in the past she is running from, four thugs reach the diner as well. In typical Reacher style, Widow also uses his brain and brawn to rescue Kara from the diner and rush to her home to rescue Christopher – Kara’s six-year-old son.

But others have already been there and another bloody skirmish ensues. Widow escapes with Kara and Christopher to take refuge from one of Fry’s old mates, Coger. Kara is the daughter of Butch Sabo, a ruthless biker ganglord – The Phantom Sons – and the wife of the current leader Berghorn. Six years ago, a tortured Kara ran away from the gang and sought refuge from the feds. In exchange for information she and her son were put in WITSEC (the witness protection program). But now the gang has found out Kara’s whereabouts and are coming to seek revenge. Only Jack Widow stands between Kara and certain violent death!

the protector book cover
The Protector Book Cover Original

Can Jack Widow protect the mother-son duo from the ruthless, violent criminals all alone? Or will this be the end of the drifter’s solo journeys? Read the book to find out!

Conclusion – Book Review of The Protector

In both the Jack Widow books that I have read till now, it really takes a long time to pick up pace and the first few chapters are painfully stretched out. But after a few such slow chapters, it literally jets off! In Reacher-style – Widow is always pitted alone against 5-10 people and inevitably comes out trumps! The scenarios are sometimes too convenient but which writer doesn’t take a few liberties with facts? So it’s rather excusable.

Coming out on the 31st of December, 2021, The Protector has given a nice warm closure to the tumultuous year that was 2021! Jack Reacher fans can read this to pass their time waiting for the 2022 Reacher!

the protector author scott balde
The Protector Author Scott Blade

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