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Books – Review of Class Act by Stuart Woods – 2021 – An Average Quality Novel

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Class Act Book Cover

Book Review – Class Act by Stuart Woods – Interesting Read

My Rating -3 out of 5

Plot Summary – Class Act

Another month, another Stuart Woods! Mind-numbingly banal, these books are actually a lot of fun by virtue of being shallow and rather unrealistic. But I do keep reading them frequently, only because they are so fast and quick to read and finish. This one is no exception either, Stone Barrington faces another threat to his life, and that too somebody who, till recently, had neither heard of him nor seen him. His constant lady love, the President of the United States, Holly Barker is also there but for a very short while.

One thing, Stone Barrington has a never-ending appetite for, that is Women. In this edition, he kind of outdoes himself, Stone is physically involved with three women, at times even together. Well, I’m not being morally too upright and all that, but I find this easy availability a bit misogynistic and far too ridiculously convenient. Anyway, without further ado, let’s delve into the storyline and mostly, suspend disbelief! One of Stone’s old clients, Jack Coulter, comes calling on Stone telling him that an ex-cop, Mickey O’Brien, has it in for him, not for altruistic reasons but to make money from Jack by coercion. and that Jack will take defensive measures if the cop does something stupid.
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Meanwhile, Stone meets Hilda Ross, who is a Bar singer and a professional hitman! Her boyfriend, Sal Trafficante, works for the mob and is quite powerful. Now after Stone and Hilda take a roll in the hay, Sal comes to know of Stone’s existence and out of intense jealousy, decides to eliminate Stone. Sal works for Mob Boss Don Antonio Datella, and with his blessings can now approach to eliminate Stone and go back to a minding the Races (Astor-type). To avoid a potential conflict, Stone flees to London, to be precise, to his estate 80 miles from London.

At every step, he finds another willing woman, who is ready to even pick up this 60 something-year-old from a Bar and frolic around. Through various complicated methods, Stone finds out the actual location of Sal, and to be free of this fear of an impending attack on his life, Stone decides to take matters into his own hands and eliminate Sal, through the hands of a professional hitman. But, alas, nothing goes according to plan and Stone still has to look over his shoulder, thinking that here comes the hit!

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Class Act – Book Profile

Conclusion – Book Review of Class Act

As mentioned earlier, these novels have no literally value altogether and are to be purely treated as pulp fiction which is attractively written, in terms of pace and continuity. Stuart Woods is also very prolific, churning out about 4-6 books every year. It is rather ridiculous to believe, that the President of the United States, is sleeping with someone on the side and no one knows about it. The secret service is complicit in the subterfuge and follows Holly Barker and loses her as well. The story essentially follows Stone as goes around bedding 3-4 different women, while somebody plans to kill him – though he makes no attempt at Stone, just follows him around!

If you have nothing else to read, you might as well read this one, it won’t certainly bore you!!

stuart woods class act
Class Act Author Stuart Woods

*I hope you have enjoyed reading this book review as much as I have enjoyed writing this! Do watch this space for more such reviews and navigate through the links below for more… Thank you!! *

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