Boss or Leader – The Evolution from Absolute to Compassionate in 2020

boss or leader


Are you a Boss or Leader?

During the courses of our career, we have come across various bosses, good bad and downright ugly… what’s your style?

Boss or Leader – What is your style?

While we are working a job, along with our peers, colleagues and maybe reportees, the one person who really affects our lives is the BOSS. He/she is either the fearsome ogre, whose approaching steps makes you swallow hard, your heartbeat goes up rapidly OR he/she is inspiring enough to bring tears to your eyes…. you want to do anything he says, impress him and learn from him etc. etc. But life is hardly ever so perfect, we all have to live with grumpy, conniving and hitler-ish bosses most of our working lives.

But then, some of us have witnessed a mini-miracle, we have worked with a person who epitomizes the Perfect Boss or Leader image. The one you want to be, the level you aspire for, the BOSS or LEADER for the ages.

So what makes the Perfect Boss or Leader? Both intellectually and professionally? What does one need to do to be respected, loved and emulated as the person his team looks up to? First and foremost, it is his/her personality. A warm nature, easy to smile and one to make others comfortable in his presence will get the best out of any team. Second is the confidence that he exudes, both regarding the job at hand and the overall team handling capabilities.

He has to quickly analyze and assess his team members, their capabilities and shortcomings. Identify the switches that operate them, so that he is then able to get the team alignment quickly, and thus get the best out of them. It is said that a little appreciation goes a long way, well appreciated team members even go out of their way to do more than their job requires them to. Fear never works, it gives rise to resentment, negativity and ultimately reduced or low quality output. Your team should not fear you, rather they should fear incompetence, and not being able to meet your expectations of him/her.

Take interest in your team members, nurture them, encourage them to do their own things and give them room and independence to blossom. Nothing teaches a better lesson than mistakes, just ensure that same mistakes are not repeated. Be tolerant but not lethargic, teach but don’t preach. Handhold but don’t spoonfeed, give room but don’t lose sight. Ask for opinion, don’t command. Make informed decisions, don’t push them down anybody’s throat. Encourage, motivate, appreciate in public; castigate in private.

Respect them, their capabilities and their opinions and they will respect you. Humiliate and insult them and they will make all your plans fail miserably, if not right away then over a period of time.

Boss or Leader – Conclusion
You must always remember, nobody’s life is yours to break, but yours to make. As Spiderman says “With great power comes great responsibility” so remember, your team looks up to you, wants to learn good things from you. So start by being a good human being. Help, coach and nourish.

The pride when they succeed will be all yours. There is only shame and guilt if you have destroyed lives and careers, it was never yours to destroy. Be a great Boss! Carry your team to the pinnacle of success.

Let the ogre rest, Hitler was a great leader, technically, but how does history remember him? Everyday, when you meet your team, think of how you would have wanted to be treated by your boss, think of how you would want history to remember you. Leave your legacy accordingly. Be a Great Boss…

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