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  • Burning Dreams – India’s Looming Telecom Debacle -2020

    Burning Dreams – India’s Looming Telecom Debacle -2020

      India’s Telecom Debacle continues to burn and destroy…. How it all began…. Way back in 2008, the Indian Telecom industry entered another phase of exciting growth. New licenses meant new players in the already overcrowded field. Hectic recruiting meant employees were headhunted, at times hired with obscene salaries. It was a good time to…

  • Delhi To Kolkata – A Breathtaking Journey – 2015

    Delhi to Kolkata – Road Travelogue Late winter…. Delhi. The dreaded fog was away for a while, making the evenings pleasant, chilly, and enticing! With all its faults, Delhi is and will always be India’s Prima Donna – Decked up like a Queen with a sense of danger bubbling just under, threatening to take center…

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