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Hollywood Movie Review – Godzilla vs Kong – 2021 – Disoriented and Over The Top

by AniM
godzilla vs kong movie poster
Godzilla vs Kong Movie Poster

Hollywood Movie Review – Godzilla vs Kong – Average Movie

My Rating – 3 out of 5

Plot Summary – Godzilla vs Kong

In the year that has been 2020-2021, the world has been ravaged by a pandemic of epic proportions, pushing all normal life out of line. The movie industry has also been greatly affected, releases and schedules pushed back or cancelled, theaters shut down and much more. We have thus seen a far fewer number of movies being released than in the last few years. So the wait for movie buffs has been more tortured than ever before. In this era of panic and uncertainty, movies have provided some relaxation and the types of Godzilla vs Kong, doubly so.

This edition of the Kong-Godzilla series takes off in the post Skull Island era, where Kong is being kept in the artificially maintained Skull Island type bio environment or habitat, where he’s being monitored by Dr. Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) and her adopted deaf daughter Jia (Kaylee Hottle) – the lone survivor of Skull Island’s Iwi Tribe. Jia communicates via sign language with Kong – in my opinion the only poignant passages in the entire over-the-top Monster CGI battle. The little girl’s empathy with Kong is sweet and touching, their conversations giving a heart warming feel to the film.

Godzilla vs Kong – Original Trailer

Meanwhile, the till recently dormant Godzilla, wakes up and attacks the Apex Cybernetics research facility in Pensacola, Florida for no apparent rhyme or reason. The CEO of Apex, Walter Simmons (Demián Bichir) is up to something and prepares for a face off with Godzilla. He is in search of a power source which is apparently only to be found in the “Hollow Earth”, miles under the Earth’s surface and the gateway to it located in Antarctica.

Walter convinces loner “Hollow Earth” theorist Nathan Lind (Alexander Skarsgård) to lead the expedition to bring Kong to the gateway and then lead them to the source of Power which will again establish the primacy of human-kind over all other species. Sounds cliched? Because it is…

In another parallel thread, Monarch Project scientist Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler)—father of Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown) is also trying to figure out why Godzilla has awoken again and what has piqued its anger. Madison and her classmate Josh Valentine (Julian Dennison), team up with Apex Engineer Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Henry) in conducting an investigation (more like snooping) into what they feel as Apex’s nefarious activities.

Conclusion – Movie Review of Godzilla vs Kong

Whew! So these complicated plots are interspersed with, what else, monumental scale CGI battles between two monsters matched equally, which make for a spectacular extravagance on the silver screen. As expected, there is a surprise element which muddies the water even more. The movie is on expected lines and as I began this piece saying that this is raw entertainment, so this lives up to that billing, with its dazzling special effects, action set-pieces and large scale destruction – with skyscrapers crumbling like wafers under a heavy boot.

There’s a huge fan following of this genre of films, so it panders to that taste big time. For me, and I’m sure for many who have watched this film, being able to go to a theater and watch the spectacle unfold on the big screen after the torturous times, is a reward in itself. So, for excitement unlimited, with no questions asked – this should be your target for this weekend! Enjoy!!

Godzilla Vs Kong Still
Godzilla Vs Kong Still

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