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Hideaway – Nora Roberts – Comprehensive Book Review – 2020

by AniM
Hideaway Book Cover


Hideaway by Nora Roberts

My Rating – 4 out of 5

Plot Summary of the Book

10 year old Caitlyn Sullivan is the fourth generation descendant of Liam Sullivan – the Hollywood Superstar, who came to America as an immigrant from far away Ireland. The entire Sullivan clan, a big, happy tightly knit family were all part of Hollywood royalty and when Liam Sullivan passed away at the ripe age of 92, a memorial was arranged at the family mansion in Big Sur, California.

As the day neared its end, and the exhausted elders were getting ready to collapse, the kids went out to play hide and seek, among other games. Caitlyn was sure that her hiding place was so good that the ‘It’ – whoever it was – would never find her, and she would win! But horror!! She was kidnapped by two men and taken away, before anyone in the house realized she was missing.

The men asked for 10 million Dollars as ransom and the family, not willing to involve the Police, went around arranging the money. But Cate had other plans – a feisty girl for her age – she used a spoon and bedsheets to unlock the window and then wriggle down to finally run away! Late in the night she was rescued by the Police, with the help of a neighbor family, and returned to her father. End of story, right?

No, Cate’s miseries had just begun. When she reached her family home, an explosive revelation turned her life upside down…. She was taken away to County Mayo in Ireland, where she grew up and came back to LA at the age of seventeen. But LA didn’t last long for her either, she left for New York, hoping to start a new life. She found a new love in Theater, and a boyfriend, Noah, hopelessly in love with her. It looked like that her fortunes had finally turned for the better, but disaster struck again….

But I give away too much here, which is NOT what a review is supposed to do, it’s meant to whet your appetite, so you savor the sumptuous meal! 

Conclusion – Book Review

Nora Roberts is a much adored American Novelist, who in the last 41 years has churned out more than 200 books, most of which are Bestsellers. This one is no exception, fast and pacy, it’s written in the dialogue form – the story moves ahead in conversations. It does not meander in attempts to establish the author’s literary skills (which I find to be a good thing) and smoothly moves ahead to an exhilarating finish…. Read the book, it once again emphasizes what a solid family can do to one’s life. A feel good novel, all through….


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