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Hollywood Movie Review – Copshop – 2021 – Gripping Action

copshop poster
Copshop Poster

Movie Review – Copshop – Fast-Paced Action Movie

My Rating – 3.5 out of 5

Plot Summary (Storyline) – Copshop

A movie that features two semi-iconic action stars in Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo is bound to be real bad-ass, particularly so when the director is Joe Carnahan! And the trio doesn’t disappoint… It starts off at a blazing run and culminates in an all-out gunfight. In between, there is a story that kind of obviously, lacks much depth and jumps right into the action and its justifications. The setting is rather rustic, in the fictitious Gun County in Nevada within the premises of a rather large Police Precinct with a state-of-the-art armory, which is good enough to arm a small army!

Teddy Muretto (Frank Grillo), is a fixer, a con artist. One who’s fixed a game too many and now some real bad characters are after him. The movie opens with him driving a bullet-riddled Crown Vic through the dusty Nevada desert when the car gives up on him. Running towards some lights in the distance, he’s aware of his pursuers catching up. He runs into the forecourt of a Casino where a brawl is going on and Teddy punches an attending police officer, Valerie Young (Alexis Louder), knowing that he’ll be arrested and thus safe from his pursuers. But one of his pursuers sees that happening.

Copshop Original Trailer

Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler) is the hired killer sent after Teddy, and he also pulls the same stunt – drives drunk into a parked State Trooper car, almost injuring the Troopers, and then gets arrested for that. Now the hunter and his prey are lodged in the same county jail in cells opposite to each other. Both Teddy and Bob pull stunts – one to finish what they started and the other to avoid his sorry fate. Both try to convince Officer Young how dangerous the other man is. Meanwhile, another police officer in the Precinct, Officer Huber is corrupt and is taking out recovered drugs from the evidence locker. He is now used to get to Teddy.

And now, into this situation steps Anthony Lamb (Toby Huss), a rather grandfatherly looking ruthless killer, who has no compunction in killing innocents who cross his path. He steps into the precinct, shooting all and sundry, trying to get to Teddy. In the end, what stands between him and Teddy, are a bulletproof door, Officer Young and Bob Viddick. And this is where all hell breaks loose. The action is pulse-pounding, non-stop, and keeps escalating. The actors all do competent jobs in their roles, however, no one watches these for acting magnificence.

copshop cast
Copshop Cast members

Conclusion – Movie Review of Copshop

Like in most other films of this genre, you don’t ask too many questions which require logical answers, this movie is also no exception. But the action flows relentlessly and you don’t feel the time pass by and all the actors are fluent in their execution. The screenplay is taut and the flaws hurried over, giving the audience little chance to ponder over them. Alexis Louder may well be on her way to a bright action movie career if this is anything to go by. She gets a lot of screen time and makes a creditable fist of it. If action movies tempt you, go for this with your eyes closed, it will be money well-spent.

copshop poster 2
Copshop Poster

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    I haven’t seen the movie yet. But I was told to watch and put this movie on the watch list. Thank you for reviewing it.

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