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Hollywood Movie Review – Ghostbusters Afterlife – 2021 – Lame Cinema

Ghostbusters Afterlife Poster
Ghostbusters Afterlife Poster

Movie Review – Ghostbusters Afterlife – Slightly lame entertainment

My Rating – 2.5 out of 5

Plot Summary (Storyline) – Ghostbusters Afterlife

The nostalgia of the original Ghostbusters (1984) has a nice effect on people like us who had seen it at that time, laughed at the gags and even enjoyed some of the benign cartoonesque ‘Ghosts’ antics. So this had an expectation already tagged on to it that 37 years later, the same magic could possibly be recreated, with the benefit of modern-day CGI. But, the story just isn’t strong enough and only the performances of the lead characters, somewhat salvage its fortunes. The one-liners are quite lame and stale, and certain scenes are funny for the ridiculousness of them, not for the sense of humor. Anyway, let’s get on with the story as it is.

Callie (Carrie Coon) is a single mother with two two young children – 15 year old Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and 12 year old Phoebe (Mckenna Grace) struggling to meet her expenses. When her landlord serves her the eviction notice after many weeks of unpaid rent, Callie has no option but to move her family to her father’s dilapidated farm outside the small town of Summerville, Oklahoma. Callie’s recently deceased father (whose identity is revealed much later) has left her the sagging farm and tons of debt. But this is better than being homeless so Callie soldiers on. Among her children, Trevor is the mechanical geek and Phoebe the science nerd and infinitely curious.

Janine Melnitz: Your father wasn’t much of a homemaker. He could barely keep the lights on.

Callie: You’re saying he left us nothing?

Janine Melnitz: Well, I wouldn’t say nothing… there’s a considerable amount of debt.

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Ghostbusters Afterlife Original Trailer – HD

Immediately upon their arrival at the farm, they notice strange things around them. Biblical verses adorn the approach driveway, odd looking scientific gadgets are found lying around, which pique the curiosity of young Phoebe. Trevor has meanwhile found himself a job as a kitchenhand in the town’s only pub and also has a fling with the older waitress there, Lucky (Celeste O’Connor). The deserted Selenium mine on the outskirts of the town seem to be the hotbed of supetrnatural activity and the brother-sister duo along with Phoebe‘s classmate, Podcast (Logan Kim) team up to get to the bottom of it. Now, Phoebe discovers a treasure trove of equipment in the farm’s basement, belonging to her eccentric grandfather!

In the barn, hidden under a tarpaulin, is the original Cadillac Ghostbuster van, replete with the logo and registration plate. thus begins a mad adventure to rid the town of ghosts, particularly those emanating from the mine. At times hilarious, at times silly, the movie tumbles along to the expected climax and as I mentioned earlier the only saving grace are the acting chops of the characters. There is also a romantic fling thrown in between the Summerville’s School Teacher Greg Grooberson (Paul Rudd) and those moments make up somewhat for the overall inanity of the movie! Throwing in the original Ghostbuster team, it’s then popular soundtarck do little to rescue the movie.

Lucky: What are you doing here in Summerville?

Trevor: Honestly, my mom won’t say it, but we’re completely broke. And the only thing that’s left in our name is this creepy old farmhouse my grandfather left us in the middle of nowhere.

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ghostbusters afterlife cast members
Ghostbusters Afterlife Cast Members

Conclusion – Movie Review of Ghostbusters Afterlife

There is not much to rave about in this movie, though the opprtunity to add heft to a 37 year old franchise was there. But, nostalgia apart, nothing much is really compelling in the movie and I fear, the box office returns will reflect as such. For cinebuffs, the light hearted tone and story of the movie might just tickle faint entertainment, but with this cast, Director Jason Reitman could and should have done better.

For all the nice pieces of acting, I can only give it a rating of 2.5 out of 5. With time on your hands, this could be a two hour long light enetertainment for you. Go see it if you have nothing better to watch!

ghostbusters afterlife poster 2
Ghostbusters Afterlife

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