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My Rating – 3.5 out of 5

Plot Summary – Nobody

Well, Rambo is back! looking like the average Joe, minus the chiselled six-pack abs and that lazy drawl… This is Nobody, who has a secret past and is now trying to live a normal middle-class life. He was a Special Forces veteran and like so many others who have retired, he’s living a life of idyllic domestic peace. But life provokes him to lose control. There’s a botched home invasion, where two amateurish guys try to rob his home and run away with his money. But Hutch notices the weapon in one of their hands and meekly gives in to all the demands, that the robbers came for.

Hutch Mansell, is faced with ridicule from his son for not standing up to the robbers and then from one of the cops who’d come to investigate the complaint. The meek looking man goes out looking for the two robbers as they’ve not only taken his watch but also his daughter’s favorite bird bracelet! He’d seen a tattoo on one of their wrists and locates them based on that. On his way back, in the bus, he comes across a bunch of hooligans, who forcefully board the bus, harass other passengers and jeer at Hutch. Slowly, the superhero side of Hutch is revealed and what ensues is sheer mayhem.

One of the goons is the brother of the Russian mob boss, and he doesn’t take kindly to somebody leaving his brother brain-dead and a vegetable. He, Yulian Kuznetsov, is an evil man in charge of laundering the mob’s money and kills people for fun. But since his family is being threatened, he tracks Hutch down and sends in a bunch of hitmen to capture and present Hutch to him. But his guys are no match for Hutch and his special skills!!

What follows is an all-out war, between Hutch and the Russians, and no hostages taken – this is a fight till death. Hutch surprisingly finds two allies and with them, fights a non-stop battle with his adversaries. There are shades of John Wick in this movie – where bullets fly like raindrops and there are more thugs than they can count. and like I said in the beginning, Hutch is no Rambo – he is just a ‘Nobody’ with a set of unbelievable skills! There is something about this movie which clicks, probably the fact that a Dwayne Johnson type of a man is not living the life of a nobody, it’s just an average Joe!

Though the premise looked different and the ratings of this movie weren’t bad, I gave it a shot and I can’t say that I’m terribly disappointed. Yes, there is an overdose of over-the-top violence and certain twists in the movie which defy belief but overall, it’s an entertaining package. Bob Odenkirk is thoroughly believable as a meek, submissive urban Dad but once he transforms, he is a sight to behold!

To sum it all up – A decently exciting movie where the actors are its biggest asset. A straight faced Hutch aka Bob is supported by a highly convincing Connie Nielson as Becca, Hutch’s wife and his two children. As Yulian, – Aleksei Serebryakov is quite good and brings a certain amount menace into the role. Rest of the character actors are trying hard to do their best. Nice, one time watch.

Nobody movie still
Still from Nobody

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