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Hollywood Movie Review – Spiral – 2021 – Forgettable Mystery

by AniM
spiral movie poster
Spiral Movie Poster

Movie Review – Spiral – A Rather Forgettable Movie

My Rating – 2.5 out of 5

Plot Summary – Spiral

William Schenk: John Kramer was right. The spiral: a symbol of change, evolution, progress.

From Spiral

Spiral is the much separated sequel of the Horror franchise Saw (2004), one that was directed by the masterly James Wan. This iteration – though it says from the Book of Saw – is a pale reflection of that success. Starring Chris Rock and the ageless Samuel L. Jackson, this should have amounted to more, much more. But it fails to deceive because in a way it’s flat, without any fizz whatsoever.

It’s the 4th of July parade and people are out enjoying the carnival and the fireworks. In the crowd is off duty Detective Boswick, who spots a petty thief take off with the purse of a woman in the crowd. He gives chase, eventually ending up running down an abandoned tunnel. Then the thief turns assassin, when he stuns and kidnaps Det. Boswick, wearing a pig mask. Next thing Det. Boswick knows, he’s in an underground tunnel, hanging by his tongue and the train hurtling towards him. Does he sacrifice his tongue and save his life, or die horribly? There’s a small telly left on the tracks with the same message!

Spiral – 2021 – Official Trailer

This is how the movie begins, with this gory sequence. Then this unique case is handed over to Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks and his rookie partner, William Schenk. Banks is a second generation cop, as his father Marcus Banks was one before him. The plot thickens when cops start getting murdered one after the other, all of whom are known to be corrupt. Each murder is reminiscent of the methods of The Jigsaw Killer – the elaborate setups, the nasty results and the method by which each one dies is also different.

There’s one common factor though, the killer offers each one a way of escaping – albeit one which results in a mortal injury, almost unsurvivable. But the Jigsaw Killer is dead, so is there a copycat on the prowl? Every murder is a trap, and escape doesn’t guarantee life, often death lies either way. Then Banks’ partner also vanishes, believed to have become the killer’s victim. It is in this twisted landscape that the movie roams in and sometimes it makes no sens at all.

Det. Zeke Banks: You got a problem with that? Or are you just scared I’m gonna embarrass you?

Marcus: See? That right there. This ain’t about you. You’re always making s**t about you. That’s the s**t that ruins your career AND your marriage.

Det. Zeke Banks: So now you’re giving fatherly advice?

Conversation from Spiral

Conclusion – Movie Review of Spiral

It is confused movie making, because the horrors never get far above the ground level. This looks like a ’80s slasher flick, a serial killer movie with a touch of excessive gore! Acting wise, it’s all quite well done and Chris Rock brings his unique brand of humor to it, with Samuel L. Jackson at his usual intense best!

My only gripe with this is its flatness and it fails to excite the thrill seeker in me! The gore is revolting rather than horrifying and the franchise of Saw, seems to have been done to death. Worth a one time watch as the fans of slasher movies will justify. For the rest, give it a pass!!

Spiral alternate poster
Spiral Alternate Poster

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