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Actor Moubani Sorcar - Conversation
Moubani Sorcar

M for Magic! M for Moubani!! My Conversation with the Lady…

Born into the illustrious and legendary Sorcar family, she is the middle daughter of Mr. P. C. Sorcar (Jr.) and Mrs. Joysree Sorcar (none of whom need any introduction). Moubani is multi-talented, vivacious, beautiful and exudes the evolved wisdom of someone twice her age (as you will find out as you continue reading!). She acts in films, dances (also teaches dance in her Academy), paints and is an avid animal lover! As you’ll read in her own words, she’s the consummate ARTISTE! Well, enough, read on for the conversation I had with her…

Me : Hello Moubani, Thank you for sparing the time to speak with me. since these unprecedented times are upon us, how’ve you been spending them? Anything that you’d normally not be doing?

MS : Actually I believe that I have become very philosophical during these times, because we’re being tested to a great extent. Also I feel, like, the daily chores at home which I haven’t done earlier, escaped rather, like heavy cooking, floor cleaning meaning taking true care of the house, I find myself engaging in tasks like that.

Enjoying it actually as we cannot have our helping hands over now, and it’s been something like a reawakening to find your professional self even more once you start taking care of your home even better…

Me : Hmmm, some deep thoughts there…According to you, what would you like to be known as – Actor, Dancer, Painter, Author or Animal Activist?

MS : I think I would like to be called an Artist, because whether you spell it like an ARTISTE or ARTIST, I feel like that the world of emotions and artistry and artistry is really what makes me myself! Yes, it is exactly what I would like to be known as. I think I’m basically an entertainer and that’s what I enjoy being also, very very much!

Me : Wonderful! Next… What is it like, to be the daughter of such an Icon of our country? Do you feel pressure to live up to that kind of tall stature?

MS : Why only being daughter of an Icon, I feel I also come from a family that has given several Icons, like my grandfather, my father, my mother, my eldest sister… So ours is a family of well known artists, and some of the people I live with are World Icons. It is definitely not very easy living up to a global standard, especially when you are starting off on your profession.

It is said that with great dependence and great responsibility comes a lot of power, it is all a part of becoming the continuation of that great legacy, which I also look up to. But I will be having my own way of handling it and of course, I believe that once you’re born into something like that you also take it up very seriously and it is not a pain for me..I enjoy every bit of it, I feel very happy to be who I am.

I take it, since I’m not elsewhere, and this is where God has sent me, this is everything for me. My home, my identity and I’m very very proud in my own skin, of who I am..

Me : Wow! Well said!! Ok…not many people know that you were named Purbita, so how did you become Moubani?

MS : Actually the magic started long back! We three sisters were named using 2 basic letters, one was P, the other was M. We were named with letter P and of course M, as I believe M stands for Magic, and M does a lot of golden things to you as well. M is also Money!!.

We need a lot of Magic in our lives, so I guess it has led to the reawakening of a little girl to the person I’ve become now. A professional, a person with responsibilities. Becoming Moubani was just becoming myself,in the truest sense and if I weren’t Moubani, I wouldn’t have chosen to be anything else.

Purbita is a part of Moubani so we’re never at war with each other, only that Purbita is probably a part of Moubani and like I said, the Magic of Moubani will go on!

Me : Yes, it will, the footprints we leave behind on the sands of time…. Alright, next…What is your favourite role on screen? What did you most like about it?

MS : I think my first film, which was a Nagpuri film called Jugni, in which I did a double role, was my most favourite role on screen for me, as I was doing two roles at the same time and it was my first film.

I cannot forget the whole aura of the film, specially as Jugni and Jyoti, the two girls that I was playing, the two sisters, I really enjoyed myself being both of them together at the same time.

Me : Yeah, I can understand…If you were to recreate any iconic Bengali movie character, which one would it be and why?

MS : I think I would recreate Suchitra Sen’s role in the movie “Saptapadi” because I found her to be really enigmatic there and very charming. That is one role I’d really like to essay.What a perfect, romantic Bengali film it is. I

think, the Golden Era of Bengali films had such wonderful subjects and such subtlety and such powerful performances! I love the character of Suchitra Sen in “Saptapadi”, subtle and so enigmatic.

Then again, of course, if it could be redone in today’s time, I’d really love to see myself in that role! Oh! The thought of it is already making me laugh and smile!!

Then, of course, I would get to sing “Ei poth jodi na sesh hoi, tobey kemon hoto tumi bolo toh…”

Me : Yes, very nostalgic for Bengali movie buffs….Now on a serious note..How critical is it to have a Godfather in the Movie industry, or even in the case of performing arts?

MS : I don’t think having a Godfather is critical to be in the Movie Industry, or even in the case of the performing Arts industry. Because if you have talent, there is no other ammunition that you require to meet all the odds in the industry.

If it were a war, that is! If I were to say that we are in a competitive mode all the time, winning people over, then I would say that the talent in yourself is your own Godfather, you do not need the influence, the power of anybody else, to become an artist.

Because, I believe, an Artist is born and an Artist in the industry, will stay, will evolve into a beautiful Star, if that person has the right qualities…

Me : Very true… Now a funny q for you…if I were to ask Mumtaz to describe you in 5 words, what would she say?

MS : (laughs) I think Mumtaz would only call me 5 times by my name – that would be like “Mou, Mou, Mou, Mou, Mou!” That’s what she likes to call me at home!!

Me : Ha Ha…Truly funny…Well, Who is your favourite co-star and director? What do you like most about them?

MS : My favourite co-star is Soumitra Chattopadhyay and I’ve had the honour of working with him on several occasions and I’ve learnt so much from him. From a very tender age, I think, I’m one of those very rare people who has repeatedly worked with him in the most number of movies.

That has given me a great amount of happiness also to be able to be on the same floor with such a veteran actor. Learning from him, growing up learning also. 

I think my favourite director with whom I’ve worked is Basu Chatterjee, because I found in him a sense of class, which I believe, is very rare. I learnt so much from him and I truly miss him from my heart.

During these trying months, Basu Chatterjee has left us, that is why I’m very sad also. Lot of my favourite people have passed away during these times but then, if you ask me about my favourite director, then I would only think of Basu Chatterjee.

Me : True, he was a much loved person… so finally, where do we get to see you next? TV? Silver screen or Web Series?

MS : I think, if you ask me as to where next, as an artist, you’d like to see me, I would think of one permanent place which has always occupied the most primary spot when I come to think of where I would like to be seen next.

That would definitely be in the hearts of the people, because I think, whether it is on the silver screen, TV or web-Series or on stage, wherever you perform, it has to be always something to do with the heart. If you live in the hearts of the people, your performance stays with them forever.

That is what I want, that they would love me from their heart as I have loved them and I feel that the love that they have given back to me, that is absolutely the place I would like to be seen forever.

Me : That’s really deep, and with that we come to the end of this session…. Thank you Moubani for sparing so much time to have this conversation with me, it was an enriching conversation… so Stay Safe and Stay Well….


Conversation - Moubani Sorcar - Interview
Moubani Sorcar – At Home



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