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Hollywood Movie Review – Don’t Breathe 2 – 2021 – Tense Thriller

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Movie Review – Don’t Breathe 2 – Tense Action Thriller

My Rating – 3.5 out of 5

Plot Summary (Storyline) – Don’t Breathe 2

The 2021 release of Don’t Breathe 2 follows the sleeper hit of 2016 – Don’t Breathe, where Stephen Lang plays the role of a long-retired Ex-navy Seal, and a Gulf War veteran, – Norman Nordstrom, who has done a lot of bad things in his past. He is currently leading a retired life in a secluded, decrepit house on the outskirts of Detroit, surrounded by forests and solitude. After surviving the home invasion in the earlier version of the movie, he is now leading a quiet life. But of course, the solitude is about to be shattered into a million pieces.

The movie starts with a long shot of a house on raging fire and a little girl of 8-9 years, lying unconscious on the road in front of the house. Norman picks up the child and brings her home, raises her as his own daughter – calling her Phoenix. His pet Rottweiler, aptly named Shadow, is also greatly devoted to Phoenix and guards her ferociously. Phoenix has no memory of her life before being rescued by Norman and considers him as her father. Eight years later, when she is in her mid-teens, the outside world keeps pulling at her, especially as she is home-schooled and kept far away from societal interactions.

Don’t Breathe 2 Original Trailer

Norman Nordstrom: Now you’re gonna see what I see!

Stephen Lang as Norman in Don’t Breathe 2

It is at this time that another home invasion shapes up to attack Norman’s secluded homestead. The members of a meth-cooking gang, though their motives become clearer after much later, following Phoenix home after one of her weekly trips into town. Raiding a home with an old, blind man and a 16-year-old girl – how difficult can that be? Little did they know that Norman is a hardened killer himself, and having lost the use of one sense, his other senses have been heightened beyond normal! He also knows every corner of his house like the back of his hand and knowing his own background, he has fortified that place for exactly such invasions.

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Don’t Breathe 2 Main Cast

There are basement tunnels, steel boxes to hide in, and a variety of weapons hidden strategically, for exactly such a scenario. There are passageways, camouflaged entrances all around the house, and the invaders have little idea of what awaits them! Blundering ahead, the gang meets a lethal force far beyond their wildest imaginations!! It will be important to mention here, that a hint is dropped around this time that the same gang is also involved in Organ harvesting and its illegal sales. The action kicks up multiple levels from here and doesn’t let down till the end of the nearly two-hour runtime.

don't breathe 2 movie still
A still from Don’t Breathe 2

Conclusion – Movie Review of Don’t Breathe 2

Typically, as action movies go, this is not much different, with plot holes large enough to be noticed, but for ardent fans of the genre, it is good entertainment. It doesn’t go easy on the gore and violence, and if you are queasy at the amount of blood spilled on screen, you should give it a miss. The action scenes are very well-choreographed and filmed with elan. So if non-stop gritty action movies are your thing, while keeping logical reasoning a distance away, then go for it!

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Don’t Breathe 2 Poster

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