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Hollywood Movie Review – Halloween Kills – 2021 – Spinechilling Horror

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Movie Review – Halloween Kills – Spinechilling Horror

My Rating – 3 out of 5

Plot Summary (Storyline) – Halloween Kills

There’s something about a slasher flick around Halloween that tends to add to the atmosphere of Halloween day itself. On that count, Halloween Kills does not disappoint. Taking off right after the 2018 “Halloween”, this is a sequel that ups the ante a bit more on the gore and the violence but loses a little credibility by letting loose a mob chanting “Evil Dies Tonight” inside a hospital! That aside, the sequel is not entirely unwatchable, as at this time of the year you do put rationalities aside and expect the Boogeyman to jump out at you from the shadows of your neighborhood corner. In that, this movie succeeds. So let’s come to the story now.

This one starts at the end of the 2018 movie, where Michael Myers has been confined to Laurie Strode‘s (Jamie Lee Curtis) house and the entire house has been set on fire. Laurie and her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) escape and go to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital to tend to Laurie’s wounds. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a young man comes across a grievously injured policeman, Deputy Hawkins (Will Patton), and arranges for him to be taken to the hospital. At the hospital, he shares a room with Laurie, and together lament how they should have killed Micheal in 1978 and they didn’t (especially the then-rookie cop, Hawkins). By this time, Michael Myers has escaped the burning house!

Laurie Strode: I always thought Michael Myers was flesh and blood, just like you and me, but a mortal man could not have survived what he’s lived through. The more he kills, the more he transcends into something else impossible to defeat. Fear. People are afraid. That is the true curse of Michael.

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Halloween Kills – Original Trailer

The survivors from that horrible night in 1978 – Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall), Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards), Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens), and Lonnie Elam (Robert Longstreet) get together on Halloween to celebrate their surviving forty years since that dreadful night. Little do they know, their nightmare is about to revisit them soon! To confuse matters further, a Prison Van that had overturned that morning has let loose a convicted murderer and he has run to the hospital to seek medical help for his injuries. By now the crowd of victims’ families gathered at the hospital has been whipped into a frenzy by Tommy and they chase the escaped prisoner, thinking he’s Michael!

Laurie Strode: It is the essence of evil. The anchor that divides us. It is the terror that grows stronger when we try to hide. If they don’t stop him tonight, maybe we’ll find him tomorrow. Or next Halloween, when the sun sets and someone is alone. You can’t close your eyes and pretend he isn’t there. Because he is…

Laurie in Halloween Kills
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Halloween Kills Poster

By the time the crowd realizes its mistake, it is too late. By that time, Michael has stepped up his rampage around town, killing indiscriminately, and his next destination seems to be the Hospital where Laurie is admitted. Laurie also realizes that Michael is coming after her but her injuries have incapacitated her. First, her granddaughter Allyson (Andy Matichak) and then her daughter Karen, leave to join the mob that is hunting for Michael, but Michael is proving indestructible for them. Will this end in one last showdown between Michael Myers and the remaining residents of Haddonfield?

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Halloween Kills Prime Cast Members

Conclusion – Movie Review of Halloween Kills

Since the last chapter of this series (supposedly) has already been agreed to, one can expect some more of the slasher horror in the next one or two years. That being said, I have always been curious about one thing about horror movies, even when you are aware of something deadly lurking in the shadows and you are alone, why would you go investigate that strange noise or scream with something like a bottle opener in your hand? Why wouldn’t you move to a safe distance and call for help? Guess that’ll spoil the premise completely, so I’m happy to go along and act naive! So put your sensibilities and rationalities aside and go get spooked!!

Allyson: Michael Myers has haunted this town for 40 years. Tonight, we hunt him down.

Allyson in Halloween Kills
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Halloween Kills Poster

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