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Hollywood Movie Review – Out of Death – 2021 – Bland Movie

by AniM
out of death poster
Out of Death Poster

Movie Review – Out of Death – A not so Gripping Movie

My Rating – 3.5 out of 5

Plot Summary – Out of Death

In the last 1.5 years or so, movie have seen few cinematic releases and big ones have been pushed back. So great content has been rather rare. For me, Bruce Willis‘ presence in a movie indicates some intensity and maybe some action – basically exciting stuff which a movie starved me could look forward to! But Out of Death disappoints on so many counts that the viewer almost feels cheated. Jamie King is almost as equally wasted in this 1 hour 35 odd minute long movie, which isn’t bad but just cannot get out of its ordinariness to present something middlingly exciting on screen. It is also rather sad – for me at least – that Bruce Willis gets little screen time to do much.

The movie starts with two parallel threads – a recently bereaved Bruce Willis visiting the cabin of his niece Pam (Kelly Greyson) to forget and revitalize amidst the verdant greenery of rural Georgia. He’s also a recently retired cop – after having served for 35 years. On the other hand, Shannon Mathers (Jamie King) goes hiking in forest, reminiscing about her deceased father, the hiking trail here being his favorite. You get the feeling here that somehow these two threads are going to come together and make for an exciting, pulse throbbing watch! What unfolds next is anything but that.

Out Of Death Original Trailer

Meanwhile, in a nearby part of the same forest, a Drug deal is going down – involving a local patrol cop and a dealer. The negotiation goes south soon and a crime is committed. Unfortunately for the Cop – Billie (Lala Kent), the entire incident is captured on camera by Shannon, who happens to watch from behind some foliage close by. Shocked beyond her wits, Shannon drops the camera and tries to run, alerting Billie to her presence. It now becomes evident that the entire Police force of this small town is complicit in these illegal acts, including the Sheriff Hank Rivers (Michael Sirow), who’s more concerned about his upcoming election.

When the deputies corner Shannon and are about to remove the only witness to their crimes, Jack (Bruce Willis) – out for a casual walk in the woods – comes upon them and prevents the crime. But now both Shannon and Jack are on the run, with the entire police force looking for them. So far so good but it never rises above the mundane and despite Jamie King and Michael Sirow’s best efforts, the movie never gets into a pulsating chase mode. There is a lack of energy all over – be it in how the story moves along, as well as with how the characters react – everything looks rather laid back. Bruce Willis looks bored and awkward too!

out of death cast
Out Of Death cast

Conclusion – Movie Review of Out of Death

There isn’t much to say about the movie that I haven’t mentioned yet, and though the story line sounded quite promising and the movie started off on an intriguing note, it slowly comes apart at the seams especially as some actors don’t quite seem to be interested. Michael Sirow and Jamie King are good but they can only do so much, as Bruce Willis literally sleepwalks through the movie.

If you have nothing better to occupy your time, this will do fairly well for you and frankly speaking, many worse movies have been made and in this Pandemic ravaged world, even this is fair entertainment.

out of death poster 2
Out of Death Poster 2

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